Portable, Battery Powered, Wireless LiDAR Temporary Detection Trailer

2 hour deployment

Nominal vs Substantive Safety

Substantive Safety is CONTEXT based:

  • Hot Spot Projects (Roundabouts)
  • Speeds in Urban Areas
  • Conflicts & Access Control
  • Work Zone Design (Not just using the
    “Typical Application”)
  • Systemic Safety

Modifying industry standard design based on actual user behavior through

Real-time Data Collection & Analysis with Cron AI LiDAR Detection Perception Software & Blue Band Integrator AI

Credit: INDOT Specifications Manual

Credit: INDOT Specifications Manual

Credit: NCDOT

Pedestrian Safety and Speed

How do you protect pedestrians?

  • Lower vehicle speeds
  • Improve visibility
  • Reduce Exposure to Traffic

Include Pedestrian, Bicycle, and Motorcycle Counts & Movement Tracking into Your Signalization Timings & Synchronization in Real Time

Intelligent Transport Systems

  • Vision Zero
  • Traffic Management
  • Stopped Vehicle Detection
  • Worker Safety
  • V2X

Smart Cities & Spaces

  • People and Pedestrian flow management
  • Retail Journey and Unit Footfall Dwell Time
  • Overcrowding & Long queue management
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